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Because of the many age-range columns of the 1830 census, each page has two microfilmed pages. The left-side of the page which includes the Head-of-Household name is the "a" page, and the right-side of the same page with just the remaining age-range columns is the "b" page.

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Name of Head of Family         LEFT-----RIGHT
Able           Enoch            56a  17  56b
Adams          Nancy            61a   8  61b
Alexander      Ashbury          55a  15  55b
Alexander      Isaac            55a  27  55b
Allen          Barnet           52a   9  52b
Allen          James            52a   8  52b
Allen          Mathew H         57a  17  57b
Alley          Fielden          56a  10  56b
Anderson       Andrew           55a  23  55b
Anderson       John             55a  12  55b
Anderson       Mary             55a  13  55b
Anderson       William, Junr    55a  11  55b
Anderson       William, Senr    55a  10  55b
Anson          Montgomery       56a   6  56b
Applegate      Nathaniel        59a  11  59b
Armstrong      George           54a  23  54b
Armstrong      John             55a  14  55b
Ballard        Richard          53a  18  53b
Barker         Henry            59a   1  59b
Beard          John             58a  13  58b
Beard          Jonathan         58a  16  58b
Bell           James            56a  14  56b
Bell           Jessee           56a  15  56b
Bisby          John             55a  21  55b
Blagraw        Harrison         52a  11  52b
Bogard         Elizabeth        56a   1  56b
Bogard         William          56a   4  56b
Bolden         George           58a   7  58b
Bolden         Jarred           58a   5  58b
Bolden         William          58a   6  58b
Bredley        Henry            56a  19  56b
Britton        John G           51a  10  51b
Britton        William, Junr    53a  22  53b
Britton        William, Senr    52a  16  52b
Brow           James S          51a   4  51b
Brown          David G          51a  16  51b
Brown          James            61a  18  61b
Brown          Samuel G         52a  24  52b
Bruner         Henry            57a  22  57b
Buckner        Henry            60a   2  60b
Butler         John             61a  22  61b
Cane           Thomas           60a  19  60b
Case           Jacob            61a  15  61b
Cato           Gree             56a  16  56b
Cato           Lucy             61a  24  61b
Cave           Reuben           60a  21  60b
Chapman        Thomas           55a  19  55b
Chasten        John             59a  17  59b
Chasten        Thomas           60a   5  60b
Clawson        William          55a   2  55b
Collins        Andrew           58a  22  58b
Collins        Finley           59a   5  59b
Collins        James            57a   6  57b
Combs          John, Junr       59a  14  59b
Combs          John, Senr       59a  15  59b
Combs          Joseph           59a  16  59b
Combs          Louis            59a  12  59b
Conner         John             58a  26  58b
Conrod         George           61a  21  61b
Coonrad        Phillip, Junr    61a  11  61b
Coonrad        Phillip, Senr    61a  10  61b
Coonrod        William          60a  17  60b
Corn           Epraim           55a   5  55b
Corn           Jessee           53a  25  53b
Corn           Joseph           53a  20  53b
Courtier       James            60a  15  60b
Cox            Allen            59a   7  59b
Cox            Benjamine        57a  21  57b
Cox            George           59a   6  59b
Cox            William          59a   2  59b
Daffern        Elizabeth        53a   2  53b
Daffern        John S           53a   4  53b
Dafron         George           52a   1  52b
Damewood       Henry            60a  26  60b
Damewood       Isaac            60a  27  60b
Decker         John             61a  23  61b
Dellian        James            54a  25  54b
Dellian        Samuel           54a  24  54b
Dillian        Zachariah        55a   4  55b
Dominick       Samuel           58a  27  58b
Dore           James C          61a   4  61b
Drinkhouse     Jacob H          51a   3  51b
Dutten         John             57a  15  57b
Edmanston      B B, Junr        61a  12  61b
Edmanston      Bazel B, Senr    60a  18  60b
Edmaston       Archabald A B    55a  22  55b
Enlow          Benjamine        56a   7  56b
Enlow          Henry            54a  12  54b
Enlow          Jacob            54a  11  54b
Enlow          James            58a  20  58b
Enlow          Joseph           56a   9  56b
Evans          Andrew           54a  16  54b
Evans          Evans            58a  21  58b
Ewing          Moses            52a  26  52b
Faris          James            53a  17  53b
Felso          Thomas           51a  18  51b
Fetts          Samuel           59a  10  59b
Fisher         John V           56a  11  56b
Flatt          William          57a  19  57b
Flint          William          52a  15  52b
Frentress      Ensley           61a  16  61b
Grayson        James            51a  13  51b
Green          Addison          54a  28  54b
Green          James            55a   7  55b
Green          Meshac           58a  15  58b
Green          Samuel           55a   8  55b
Green          Thomas           55a   9  55b
Green          William          54a  18  54b
Griffith       Haynes           56a   2  56b
Griffith       John             58a  12  58b
Griffith       Jonas            58a  10  58b
Griffith       Thomas           58a   9  58b
Gurn           Edmond           51a  20  51b
Haddock        John             52a  22  52b
Hakins         William          56a  12  56b
Hall           Edward           60a  11  60b
Harbison       Absalom          51a   1  51b
Harbison       Arthur           51a  23  51b
Harbison       James, Junr      53a   9  53b
Harbison       James, Senr      52a  21  52b
Harbison       Mary             51a   5  51b
Hargrave       James            58a  17  58b
Harris         Frederick        54a   2  54b
Harris         James            53a  27  53b
Harris         James            54a   1  54b
harris         Nelson           54a  22  54b
Harris         Nicholas         52a  25  52b
Harris         Overton          53a  26  53b
harris         William          54a  21  54b
Hart           John             53a  21  53b
Haskins        Daniel           59a   8  59b
Haten          James            60a  10  60b
Hawkins        Benjamine        56a   5  56b
Hawkins        Simmeon          56a  20  56b
Hawkins        William          60a  25  60b
Hays           John             55a  24  55b
Hays           Micjah           52a   5  52b
Hays           Willis           51a  19  51b
Hembree        Isaac            53a  13  53b
Hembree        John             53a   7  53b
Hemman         David            56a  13  56b
Hendrickson    William          58a   3  58b
Hill           John             58a  24  58b
Hill           Richard          58a  25  58b
Hill           Thomas C         58a  23  58b
Hobbs          Abner            57a   1  57b
Hope           James            53a  14  53b
Hubbs          Willis           61a   7  61b
Hurst          Charles          54a   9  54b
Hurst          William          54a   8  54b
Hutcheons      Arthur           51a  11  51b
Jacobs         Elish            59a  20  59b
Jetson         George W         56a   8  56b
Johnston       Peter            59a   3  59b
Jones          Harris           52a   7  52b
Jones          Thomas           57a   2  57b
Kellums        Isaac            60a   8  60b
Kellums        Jacob            61a   2  61b
kellums        John             61a  19  61b
Kelso          Joseph J         51a  22  51b
Kelso          Joseph J         52a  18  52b
Kelso          Samuel           60a  20  60b
Kelso          Samuel N         52a  17  52b
Kelso          William          52a  23  52b
Kemp           Henry            57a  23  57b
Kendall        Elijah           60a  13  60b
Kendall        John             60a  12  60b
Kendall        Yelby            60a  14  60b
Kimmell        Benjamine        60a   6  60b
Kimmell        Martain          60a   1  60b
Kimmell        Phillip          59a  23  59b
Kingcade       Andrew           54a   4  54b
Kirby          Richar           60a  22  60b
Lamar          Lucinda          58a  18  58b
Lanfield       Henry            55a   1  55b
Lemman         David            52a  10  52b
Lemman         John             52a   6  52b
Lemmon         Katharine        52a   2  52b
Lewis          John W           55a  16  55b
Lincus         George           56a   3  56b
Lineus         Jacob            53a   3  53b
Linsey         Jessee           59a  13  59b
Lowes          Amous            51a   6  51b
Main           Jonston C        56a  26  56b
Main           Samuel           56a  24  56b
Main           Samuel           57a   4  57b
Martain        Jessee           57a   7  57b
Mathis         Reuben           53a  11  53b
McCarty        James            55a  18  55b
McCausland     John             54a  19  54b
McCluskey      William          52a  19  52b
McCrillers     A B              51a   8  51b
McDonald       Alexander        52a  28  52b
McDonald       James            51a  25  51b
McDonald       James            57a  12  57b
McDonald       Jane             51a  26  51b
McDonald       Naplian B        51a  24  51b
McElwain       Anthony          53a   8  53b
McElwain       James            53a  10  53b
McMahan        Joseph           52a  12  52b
McMahon        John             54a  17  54b
McMahon        William          54a  14  54b
McPike         Edward           52a  27  52b
Mickles        Thomas F         53a   6  53b
Miller         Adam             56a  22  56b
Miller         Henry            59a  19  59b
Miller         John             57a  14  57b
Miller         Mary             55a  17  55b
Mills          Nicholas         57a   5  57b
Mills          Samuel           56a  21  56b
More           Elizabeth        57a  24  57b
More           Thomas           61a  14  61b
Moresty        John             59a   9  59b
Morgan         David            59a  26  59b
Morgan         Lewis            59a  21  59b
Morgan         Sarah            55a  26  55b
Morgan         Simon            51a   9  51b
Mosbey         Edward           53a  23  53b
Mount          John             59a  18  59b
Mullin         James            53a   5  53b
Niblack        John             52a  13  52b
Niblack        Willis           55a  28  55b
Nobel          Margret          53a  16  53b
Orender        Joseph           60a   7  60b
Oxley          Robert           57a   8  57b
Padgett        Reuben           58a  11  58b
Pain           John             54a  10  54b
Pain           Judith           54a   3  54b
Pain           Thomas           54a   5  54b
Pardue         Ward             57a  25  57b
Parkins        Wilson           51a  27  51b
Parsen         Robert           61a   9  61b
Patrick        James            53a  12  53b
Pennick        William          61a  13  61b
Pilgrim        Amala            61a  17  61b
Pittaleny      Samuel           54a   7  54b
Postlewait     Samuel           54a   6  54b
Potts          Jesse            51a  12  51b
Powers         John W           54a  15  54b
Powers         Lewis            53a  19  53b
Powers         Major T          54a  20  54b
Reed           Copander         51a  17  51b
Reed           Henderson        58a  14  58b
Reed           James            59a   4  59b
Reed           Wallis           51a  21  51b
Reeder         Josiah           51a   2  51b
Rich           George           57a  20  57b
Richey         James            54a  13  54b
Robbison       John             61a   5  61b
Robers         William          61a   3  61b
Roberts        James            61a   1  61b
Robertson      Stephen          57a   3  57b
Sanders        Benjamine        59a  22  59b
Scott          James            57a   9  57b
Scott          Robert           59a  25  59b
Scott          Thomas           51a   7  51b
Sherrit        John             53a   1  53b
Shoulders      Cader            61a  20  61b
Shoulders      Thomas           59a  24  59b
Simmons        James            58a   4  58b
Simmons        Moses            57a  28  57b
Simmons        Thomas           58a   1  58b
Simmons        William          58a   2  58b
Smyth          Elizabeth        52a   4  52b
Spradlin       Jessee           57a  18  57b
Stacy          Silvey           57a  26  57b
Standfield     James            59a  28  59b
Stewart        James            54a  27  54b
Stewart        John             55a   6  55b
Stewart        Robert           54a  26  54b
Stilwell       Henry            57a  27  57b
Stine          Isaac            60a  16  60b
Stubblefield   John             51a  14  51b
Stutesman      Alexander        60a  24  60b
Stutesman      Jacob            60a  23  60b
Summers        Jesse            58a  19  58b
Sweney         Mordica          52a  20  52b
Taylor         Immanuel         59a  27  59b
Thompson       John             52a   3  52b
Treawan        Delila           55a   3  55b
Tucker         Zadock           52a  14  52b
Twitty         Burford          51a  15  51b
Twitty         John             60a   3  60b
Twitty         Willey           55a  25  55b
Waggoner       Elizabeth        53a  15  53b
Walker         Isaac            55a  20  55b
Walker         Johnathan        57a  13  57b
Walls          Maxwell          60a   9  60b
Webb           Hiram            56a  25  56b
Weedman        Jacob            56a  23  56b
Williams       Davis            57a  11  57b
Willson        Nancy            60a   4  60b
Winegar        William          61a   6  61b
Winkler        Henry            58a   8  58b
Wiseman        John             56a  18  56b
Wood           Zedakiah         57a  16  57b
Woods          Edward           53a  24  53b
Woods          Nathaniel        57a  10  57b
This index was transcribed by Marsha Thompson & Robert E. Lane

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